Reaction Paper: Ten Commandments

5 May 2017

Movie Paper: I am Sam We live in a society where media portrays a great deal of information on a daily basis. Movies, TV shows, videos, internet etc. all accommodate with portraying the information all around the world. The advantage of media is that it can educate viewers with all the different kind of information but it can also portray false delusions especially when dealing with people with some kind of disability. For this movie paper, I chose the movie I am Sam.

It’s a wonderful film about a mentally hallenged man who has the power to teach others that love is really all you need. The Diagnosis Many diagnoses are being portrayed in this film such as, mental retardation and autism. Sam Dawson the protagonist of the movie is man who has a mental disability who has a mind of a 7 year old. He is a single father to his daughter Lucy; the mother was homeless and abandoned Sam and Lucy right after she was born. Despite his mental challenge, Sam was able to implement a loving and caring environment for Lucy with the help of his neighbor Annie.

However, when Lucy turned 7 her capacity of knowledge was much greater than her fathers and she was taken away by child services and is put to a foster home. This ended up being a custody battle in the court, Sam fought hard to get custody for his own daughter. Due to the fact that he works at star bucks, he couldn’t afford a lawyer, however he still managed to find an attorney who will represent him “pro bono” (free of charge). There are many dysfunctions shown throughout the movie. As Sam’s daughter

Lucy was getting older, she was assigned harder books to read with words that Sam couldn’t read. MOVIE PAPER: I AM SAM Therefore, Lucy pretended as if she cant read those words as well because she doesn’t want to be smarter than her dad. She knew that he was different, and not like other dads. Sam and Lucy have a tradition to go to ‘HOP Wednesday nights, when they decide to change it up a bit and go to a different place; Sam causes a disturbance because he cannot get the French pancakes that he is used to having at ‘HOP, something a child would do.

During trial he couldn’t be serious and really showed that his intellectual capacity is of a 7 year old. He also suffered from autism and his speech was very limited and he had absolutely no abstract thinking. Sadock and Sadock states that the diagnosis for autism are deficits in language development and difficulty using language to communicate (Sadock & Sadock, 2010). I believe that the movie described the disorder very accurately, it was clear for the viewers to see that Sam suffered from a developmental disability.

The way he talked, laughed, and acted was all evidence to his disability. The way he communicated with his daughter as if they were two kids. All his friends around him were also suffering from a mental disability as well. There was a scene in the movie when Lucy ran away from child services to her father and told him that they let her go to the park with him, only an individual with a disorder can actually believe that. The factual information does match the fiction in the film very closely. Sam had

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