Reaction Paper to How to Run Your Small Business

2 February 2017

Article: How to Run Your Small Business Without Microsoft – Carleen Hawn Source: AllBusiness. Com (Technology Section) This article breaks the standard notion of running a small business using only Microsoft tools. Carleen makes an excellent point in describing the alternatives to conduct basic business functions using new tools available thanks to technology and application development. She recognizes that the world is becoming more “web-centric” every day and there is no need to be tied down to software.

The main business processes the article mentions that are basic yet essential are bookkeeping, office management and development. Which, although development is a more narrow area for some small business, there are still good resources for those who need it. As for the other two, QuickbooksPro offers many options for small businesses as well as many Google services. In addition, another great aspect of these non-Microsoft products is personalization.

Reaction Paper to How to Run Your Small Business Essay Example

The possibility and availability of everything one needs for its own company or personal use in different tabs and organized as needed by an individual. What’s not to like? However, getting rid completely of Microsoft products has a challenging barrier to overcome: compatibility. In any case, a company must use a tool that can be communicated to the client. That’s where MicrosoftWord gets favored over GoogleDocs. The article brings up excellent points. The small business I work with transitioned to Salesforce.

Com from a software database (ACT) almost 2 years ago. With this change we are able be more efficient and do more with the gadgets available. As for Quickbooks, I am currently familiar with multiple versions: software, online subscription and basic online (for my own business). The functionality is the same great level and security is also granted. The most important factor of all is that small business can be a 1-2 man operation. Although there is no need for too many bells and whistles, there is a greater need for functionality and efficiency.

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