Reaction Paper

7 July 2016

As students we go to school to learn, and that is why we attend our classes every day to learn so that our knowledge will increase, but as college students we are also obligated to attend seminars. Attending seminars is also important to shape the students to become more knowledgeable and professional and now we for the first time I attended a seminar which I know I can learn new things and discover more facts about life. For me attending in the seminars means added knowledge for us students to gain. I can say that the last seminar we attended is indeed enjoyable and we learned a lot from the speakers.

Let us start with the guest speaker Dr. Honorato P. Panahon. He discussed about values and professionalism. I learn about dos and don’ts as being a professional someday. I also learned that as Information Technology students, our professionalism depends on the knowledge we gain in our schools that is why values and professional ethics is very important and must be known by all the Information Technology students so they will not violate any professional ethics code someday. There is also a short story that was told by Dr. Panahon.

Reaction Paper Essay Example

To cut the story short, the story wants us to learn that there are many people in the world with different behaviors that is why all of them has characteristics which can lead them to make unethical actions sometimes. The next guess speaker was Dr. Zenaida R. Guillasper. She told us everything that we need to know about spiritual education. My spirit was uplift every time we pray. I can feel that God’s blessing is coming from the heaver upon the earth. Actually she also tell that there are many hindrance along the way before she reached us and tell us the words of God but still she was able to tell us a wonderful speech about God.

Dr. Guillasper wanted us to realize that we must love God, accept him as our savior, and repent with our sins. The last guess speaker was DR. Melissa Belinda P. Faronilo, Back then when I was taking up nursing in the same university, Dr. Faronilo was my professor in Psychology, and she is one of my favorite professors because of her wit. That is why, when I saw her in the stage, I know the discussion will be very enjoyable and at the same time informative. The discussion is fun, because we now know that we can identify our psychological behavior depends on our favorite shapes.

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