Reaction report

8 August 2016

Effective communication is key to making any relationship work. Communication can be verbal (speaking), as well as non-verbal (facial expressions, body language, etc. ), and can dictate how compatible two people are, and how long a relationship may last. Communicating includes expressing emotions, interaction, touch and others that dictate how the relationship between two people will develop. Being able to open up to your partner, and covey your feelings allows for a better understanding, and greater rapport which are all important.

Effective communication can be directly connected to Reiss’s wheel theory of love, and the four concepts that are part of the marriage market endogamy, exogamy, homogamy and heterogamy all of which can help explain fundamentals of relationships, as well as the different types. Effective communication has a close relationship with Reiss’s wheel theory of love. This wheel theory depicts the development of love as a spinning wheel. Consisting of 4 spokes rapport, self-revelation, mutual dependency, and fulfillment of the need for intimacy.

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Two of these components are directly connected to effective communication, rapport and self-revelation. Rapport is when two people meet there is a sense of “ease” and “understanding. ” For rapport to occur, verbal communication, as well as body language is a key component in building this ease. I view rapport as somewhat of a spark between two individuals, and people must be able to have a conversation, and show effecting body language such as flirting, the right greeting (handshake, hug, etc. ) to make each other feel comfortable around each other to build the rapport.

After rapport is built, this leads to self-revelation, the act of gaining trust and confidence in the relationship. I believe the key to gaining trust in a relationship is communicating effectively. If you are open with your partner and tell the truth about your past, lifestyle, etc. a sense of trust can build, and you begin to feel more confidence in the strength of the relationship. Effective communication as well as Reiss’s wheel theory of love have a close relationship with the four concepts that are part of the marriage market endogamy, exogamy, homogamy and heterogamy.

The concept of exogamy is marrying outside of one’s family. It is important to have effective communication in this instance because growing up you learn how your family does things and live life. When your entering a relationship with someone, they have also grown up learning there style of life. Communicating effectively, and working together to combine different lifestyles is essential to making the relationship work. This is important in the self-revelation aspect of the wheel in building a trust and confidence in living and building a household with one another.

This is also tied to becoming mutually dependent upon one another. Being mutually dependent means sharing a lifestyle, such as going on walks, sharing jokes, etc. Communicating with your partner while building a life of your own is a big part of what makes a relationship. Endogamy is the act of marrying someone in the same group as you (neighbors, work members, friends etc). In this situation a rapport is built before hand, leading to effective communication already being present when the relationship is being built.

Knowing someone for a while before hand I believe can make a relationship stronger because you already know a lot about the individual, and have plenty of things to communicate about. Homogamy is choosing a mate with similar characteristics. These characteristics can included religious beliefs, political views, among others. In this type of relationship, it seems as if rapport would be high. People tend to feel more comfortable around individuals who share the same ideals and beliefs, and would be able to communicate with one another easily based on their beliefs.

This is very beneficial in having someone to talk to that you have a lot in common with, as that is a great start in building a certain comfort level. Heterogamy is choosing a mate whose characteristics are different than your own. This is very similar to exogamy, where as your entering a relationship with new things, different beliefs, way of living, etc. and you must communicate to build a rapport, and comfort with your partner. You must live your life in compromise, and make sure you can adapt your life to make it comfortable for both.

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