Reading Habits of Newspapers Among People Essay Sample


Design a questionnaire of no more than 10 inquiries to transport out a study among friends. household. co-workers and associates to detect their reading/viewing habits/tastes in relation to intelligence. When you have surveyed at least 25 people. compose a short study in a intelligence narrative manner ( 150-200 words ) describing and explicating your findings. Use statistical informations gleaned from your study to endorse up consequences. Include a dislocation of your study sample in your study and include a transcript of your questionnaire.


Presents. when all are more or less educated. about everybody needs some day-to-day newspaper or other. A individual who ne’er reads a newspaper can ne’er maintain in touch with the times. We have to cognize something of what is traveling on in the universe. non merely for our ain satisfaction. but besides to be able to discourse intelligently with our chaps. And there are. in every state. plentifulness of newspapers of all sorts to fulfill the most vibrant reader. Peoples with different gustatory sensations look for different sorts of intelligence in their newspapers.


After a questionnaire. it could be found that the figure of people who read a newspaper in print has declined. Peoples are passing more clip with the intelligence than over much of the past decennary. Digital platforms are playing a larger function in intelligence ingestion. and they sum more than doing up for the modest diminutions in the audience for traditional platforms. The proportion of people who get intelligence from traditional media platforms- telecasting. wireless and print- has been stable or inching downward in the last few old ages. Approximately. public say they go on-line for news- on par with wireless. and somewhat higher than day-to-day newspapers. And when electronic mail. societal webs. podcasts. cell phones are added in. they get intelligence from cyberspace or one or more nomadic digital beginning. New engineerings are being integrated into intelligence ingestion wonts. When asked to kids. a higher proportion of the male childs say that they read newspapers than of the misss. Majority of kids like to read the athleticss pages. Although the athleticss pages were besides the most popular pick for the misss. they were significantly more likely to choose for the subdivision for kids and younger people. articles on music and manner. horoscopes. and general intelligence. While male childs like articles on T. V programmes and general intelligence. In a university. library users read newspaper to acquire latest information about what is go oning around the universe. Newspapers are apt for making and bring forthing reading wonts among university pupils. More childs are taking online sites as a reading beginning.

My Questionnaire

These were the inquiries in my study asked to a few people.

1. Make you hold the wont of reading newspapers?

2. What are the sorts of newspapers you read?

3. How frequently do you read a newspaper?

4. How many hours do you pass per twenty-four hours to read it?

5. What is the media you use?

6. Which subdivisions do you like most?


One should read newspapers as and when he can.


Peoples should pass more clip in newspaper reading than it is deserving.

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