Reading Log

6 June 2017

The Reading Writing Connecticvl & College Success READING saved as a word document, and you’ll need to wrangle with it in your word processing program”adding your course section and your own name to the header, and modifying your pages for each new text assignment. Type the text identification and date information where it is indicated, and then copy and paste the pre-reading and ost reading questions for each assignment as needed.

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Of course, once you have set up your log for a specific assignment, you’ll record your notes, keeping the facts separate from your personal thoughts and questions. Because it is a word document, your table of notes may expand to cover more than one page with part of a section on one page and another part on the following page. Pre-Reading Questions Here, you’ll paste the pre-reading questions associated with any particular reading ssignment.

Then BEFORE you read, you’ll answer them in some detail. Facts Section Personal Section This side is for recording” * Names, Dates, Places * Vocabulary * Definitions * Paragraph Summary * Key Words * Outlines * “Facts” from the text * Thoughts * Questions * Connections * Reflections * Ideas * Musings * What I Think as I Rea Word, term, phrase, or clause Definition Meaning as used in context Pay close attention to single words and groups of words that are unfamiliar to you.

Be honest; do you really understand this passage that caught your eye? If not, type it here THEN DEFINE IT HERE THEN Explain here what you have discovered it to mean here. Or construct your own sentence to illustrate what it means. Post-Reading Questions Here, you’ll paste the post-reading questions associated with any particular reading assignment. Then AFTER you read, you’ll answer them in some detail. Pre-Reading Questions (paste here) Post-Reading Questions (paste here)

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