Reading Newspaper Is a Dying Culture Among Malaysian’s Teenager

Reading newspaper is a dying culture among Malaysian’s teenager. In the era of sophisticated technology, reading newspaper is not as important as before especially among Malaysian’s teenagers. They think that, reading newspaper is only wasting their time. To them, reading newspaper is not beneficial because they do not get any impact even they read the newspaper frequently. Thus, reading newspaper is a dying culture among Malaysian’s teenagers because of the time, cost, and technology.

The first argument for the topic is, due to the time. Malaysian’s teenagers have difficulty to read newspaper because of the time constraint. They are too busy in working or studying until they do not have enough time to read the newspaper. Moreover, reading newspaper can waste their time because they have to leave other works in order to read newspaper only. In short, reading newspaper cannot help Malaysian’s teenagers to save their time. One other argument in agreement of the topic is the cost of the newspaper.

The cost to buy the newspaper is quite expensive especially for students. Most of them do not have enough money to buy food and other necessaries if they use their money to buy newspaper everyday. Then, it can lead them to waste their money in order to get up-to-date information only. Therefore, reading newspaper is not really important for Malaysian’s teenagers. Last but not least, there is yet another argument for the topic, due to the technology. People can use television, radio, and internet to know the news.

This is because, most of them tend to listen and watch rather than read in order to help them understand about the news deeply and precisely. In addition, they can save their money as well as save their time because they do not need to buy the newspaper everyday and they can do other works while listen the news through the radio and television. It means that, technology advancement is very useful to help Malaysian’s teenagers in order to get the latest news and information. Certain quarters may argue that reading newspaper should be increased.

They think that reading newspaper is very good among Malaysian’s teenagers in order to increase their knowledge and information about the world such as politics and economics. Furthermore, Malaysian’s teenagers can avoid from being a narrow-minded person if they always read newspaper. This argument is quite true. However, it is important to note that reading newspaper is not essential to Malaysian’s teenager because there is nothing related to their lives. Moreover, all the news is always similar issues everyday.

Hence, it can discourage them to read the newspaper anymore. It shows that, reading newspaper is not really important to Malaysian’s teenager in this era. In conclusion, reading newspaper is a dying culture among Malaysian’s teenagers because of the time constraint, the newspaper is quite costly, and the use of technology to get the news. So, people should not read the newspaper in order to avoid from wasting their, time, money, and energy as well as making their lives more convenient.

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