Reading Report on Jane Eyre

10 October 2016

Eyre By Charlotte Bronte Chinese version Beijing ,the People’s Literature Publishing House , 2000 1. The reasons why I selected the book is that this is the first full –length English novel that I read and I really admire the heroine Jane and her life story. 2. The amount of time I spent reading the book: about two weeks 3. Summary: The novel tells the story of an orphan girl. Jane Eyre, the daughter of a poor parson, loses her parents shortly after birth. She lives at the household of her aunt, treated rudely by her aunt Mrs. Reed and her children. After her uncle Mr. Reed’s death,Mrs.

Reed sends her to a charity school in Lowood. Maltreated by the authorities, Jane stays there for 8 long years. Then Jane gets a position of governess in the family of Mr. Rochester, a rich squire. Rochester falls in love with Jane, and she with him. They are about to be married when Jane breaks the engagement on the wedding day and flees away, learning that Mr. Rochester has a mad wife secretly locked in the house. After going through a lot of hardships on the moors, she is taken in and cared for by Rev. Rivers, who helps her get a job as teacher in a village school. Meanwhile, Mr.

Rochester loses his sight in a fire set by his mad wife. Hearing that Mr. Rochester is penniless and disabled, Jane hurries to him and lives a happy life with him. 4. Comment: Jane Eyre is consider to be an autobiographical realistic novel with a strong romanticism. In this novel, the author demonstrates readers a new women who striving for independence and equality. Through the portrayal, Charlotte sets a new role model for women of Victorian times as well as modern age. The plot of this novel is undoubtedly intricate and fascinating, but what makes the majority of female readers attracted to it is the heroine’s personality.

Jane is brave, firm and sensible in pursuit of her love, liberty, and equality. She sweeps the world away to be with Mr. Rochester and believes in pure truer love, though her lover is blind and disable she is still there with him. Women were discriminated against by men at that time, the new feminine image Jane Eyre challenged men’s authority. Charlotte is remarkable in portraying Jane Eyre as a rebellious girl who takes self-esteem, self-assertiveness, self-respect and perseverance very seriously.

She arranges the character of the mad woman in the attic implicitly and skillfully. Actually, “the mad woman in the attic” can be understood as another side of Jane’s personality or a devil lives in Jane’s heart which makes her personality more complete. Jane’s royalty to love is the most admirable personal charm to me. Her reliance upon conscience is justified not only by her final happiness but by Rochester’s coming to believe that she had been correct to refuse his unsanctioned love. (491words)

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