Reading Review

6 June 2017

The Privilege of Perversities: Race, Class, and Education among Polyamorists and Kinksters Reading Review # 3 This article focuses on “Kinksters”, people who engage in what some people may call “perverted” or “kinky’ sex practices and relationships. The authors started their research by investigating people who celebrate the moniker “pervert” but noticed the lack thereof diversity in research samples and questioned: Is this lack because of added stigma of race, class and educational status?

The method used to obtain the ata for this article came from three sources: the authors own original research (study of intersecting sexual identities, ethnographic studies of Canadian lesbian/ queer bathhouses and longitudinal study on polyamorists), others’ studies of “kinksters” and “polyamorists”; and communications with other researchers online. The authors main discussion is the basically the question of why people of color that live alternative sexual lifestyles are missing from research studies; is it omission or that they rather not participate?

In conclusion, the authors understand that they ust consider that there is probably nothing that anyone can do about the lack or maybe exclusion of diversity in sex research as a whole. The authors agreed that this issue is way more complex than omission or self-exclusion. A major strength of the article is the way that the data was obtained. Although both authors engaged in more centralized research on different aspects of sexuality; their research basically gave birth to this article.

Using other researchers’ data as well as communicating with other researchers not only helped identify the nderrepresentation of certain groups in all sorts of research as well helped to start defining some of the reasons why. A major weakness of the article is that the reader is given possibly too much information. The article Jumps around from research methods, to data and to literature reviews. It felt like more than an article but somewhat like a full report. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see if the model of computer used wasn’t included. This article illustrates how sexuality is socially controlled.

Our class definition of ocial control is: social mechanisms that regulate individual and group behavior by using rewards and punishments. In the article there is mention of privilege which is equaled to rewards and stigma which is equaled to punishments. It is mentioned that a disadvantage of a stigmatized identity with the burden of “racial strain” is discomfort or a lack of belonging in a community of people that engage in the same sexual activities one may participate. It is evident that social control is to blame how people who have a lot in common can marginalize the members of its own ommunity because of race.

The section on “Protection Afforded by Privilege” is oozing with social control the fact that one group of people can buffer another because of their socio-economic status is mind-blowing as well as a stigmatized “sub- John Mayer contacted Dr. S while writing a new song about unity amongst “kinksters” of all races, educational and socio-economic statuses. John in the past has been called a “pervert” and has been in the news quite a bit because of his “sexcapades” with some of the best Hollywood has to offer.

John and I agree that race hould not play a factor in building communities amongst people in various “sub- culture” and theyre relationships should be built on similarities instead of superficial differences. The chorus to the song is as follows: If we belong together then that’s what is, I have felt different since I was kiiiid.. I respect you and think of you highlyyy and when I call you brother, I don’t take it lightlyyy. I want to be myself and not worry about what you think of me… Sex is verb it aint a thing so no matter what you think of me. My sex is no different from yours; it’s all kinnnkyy.

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