Real Friends Are Better Than Facebook Friends

10 October 2016

It is quite obvious nowadays that facebook has become a worldwide phenomenon to people of all ages and all walks of life. Out of the blue, Mark Zuckerberg who is once an average Harvard University student received the spotlight after launching this well known social network in his dormitory room with some of his roommates. They then took it to other campuses and from there, it started to grow into what we know now as ‘facebook’, the largest social network in the world. Despite all the popularities and not to mention, his position as one of the most influential people on earth, Mark Zuckerberg might now realize the impact of this whole mania.

As a matter of fact, people nowadays are more literally ‘connected’ to friends in facebook rather than people around them including their own neighbours, classmates or even co-workers. They managed to have loads of invisible-friends when in reality; they are having their lives in total desolation. In this case, it is crucial for us to alter this profound statement or else, real life communication might just extinct. In his live performance in Istana Budaya early this year, a famous comedian, Harith Iskandar told the audiences about his experience on having his first facebook account.

Real Friends Are Better Than Facebook Friends Essay Example

He said, on the third day, he had approved about five hundred friends! Sadly, among those people, he only knew twelve of them. This clearly shows that in any conditions, friends on facebook are not as authentic as the REAL friends around us. Facebook IS a social network and yes, it is meant to link people and improve social relationship but humans are humans. There are bonds between us or else, humanity, cooperation and relationship are just some meaningless words. It might get annoying when our chatbox is full of unknown friends which sometimes we do not even have a speck of interest in having a word with.

The thing is, real friends are people who are always there for us to share our thoughts and feelings, to lend us shoulders to cry on and offers a helping hand in every possible ways for our problems. Even William Shakespeare (26 April 1564 – 23 April 1616) once said, a friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become and still, gently allows you to grow. Rather than the former, facebook friends can simply log off their accounts when we need somebody to talk to, log it on again the very next day and simply messaged, “Sorry, my internet went crazy last night”.

Evidently, having real friends are always better than those virtual friends online on facebook. We might hug our best buddies and scream to the world just to say we love them now and then. Frankly speaking, are we going to do the same with those ‘friends’ on facebook? Ones who might actually be some compromising strangers, swindlers or stalkers? Go ahead, post it to the world, create some pages, do some advertisements, tell to all groups available. Do so, and be prepared for any circumstances!

I would like to point out this Mark Zuckerberg as a brilliant man for having his studies in Harvard for psychology and computer science. However, once his finger tapped ‘enter’ for the launch of his most precious possession, he is simply the one responsible for the upcoming precarious effects. We are all on the same page in saying that friends in the real world are better than facebook’s. This had been thoroughly proven in a research done by Jose Hiram Soltren, student of Massachusettes Institute of Technology, MIT which in turn, shows that only 7. 83% of MIT students claim to befriend strangers.

This is a complete evidence which proves that people nowadays are much more aware of privacy threats in social network. Friend-slash-strangers can sometimes bother our private lives, emotions and give us mental disturbance through inappropriate posts and social activities which we are not willing to know. Somehow, are we still going to say that facebook friends are safe? Well, apparently not in my point of view. A close friend certainly goes a long way. They let us share their love and compassion throughout their lives, know us, respect us and value us for who we are.

Those are the people worth to be called friends and of course, real life friends. No matter how fussy we are, how hideous we look, how often we blow our top, true friends will stay for the rest of our lives. This is, as we all aware of, completely differ from facebook friends who we meet indirectly, not knowing their true self and yet, we still expect their acceptance of our personalities even though we have not met them in person. How come this happen? As a matter of fact, facebook addicts usually do not have much real social life. They probably keen on making friends but with not much confidence.

That is the ultimate reason for them to trust friendly strangers so easily. Furthermore, living our lives put us in huge communities with different ethnic groups, different languages, skin tones, cultures, and heritages. We have a whole lot of different special abilities which we are born with, so that we can interact and cooperate to create a better world. Making friends with people who are living thousand miles away certainly projects our minds to acknowledge our differences. These are some of acceptable excuses for having facebook friend-slash-strangers from all over the world.

However, do keep our eyes open and look out for those irresponsible facebook users that might just set us a deadly prank and of course, once trapped, there is no turning back. This completely varies with the real friends that we meet abroad who can help us in any sticky situation. Imagine, if we lost in a middle of nowhere, are we going to go online and search for facebook friends who live there rather than calling a well known real friend? As a famous saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. It really hits us that people deserve to receive a helping hand from a friend whenever they are in need.

Particularly, people who are only socialising online on facebook and have hundreds of friends from all over the world do not have any guarantees on having somebody’s help when they are in pain after tripping over a lawnmower at their own backyard. Comparatively, a strolling neighbour who might happen to be a friend they met at last weekend party would surely aid them whenever they are around. This is one of some thousands examples of how much better real friends are compared to facebook friends. People might ask, how about couples who met on facebook and get married?

They manage to have everlasting happy life. In my opinion, those kinds of people, who found true relationship on facebook, do not take things for granted. Surely, they still need to go out and have real life connection, see eye to eye with each other, at least hang out few times before getting into a serious relationship. They will not just chat for years and suddenly decided to get married. That sounds insanely creepy. Therefore, even though we find a trustworthy friend on facebook, taking it to the next level still demands a real life session.

In conclusion, having facebook friends is really a non-serious matter. The only key is that we are aware of the pros and cons. Nevertheless, we owe facebook a lot for maintaining our connections with long distance friends, old classmates, club members or even clans we hooked up with during last semester camp. But do not forget; real friends ARE better than facebook friends and believe it, they are the ones we seek help from during critical situations. It is time to log off for a moment and get connected to the real world. We can make a difference.

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