Real Learning Takes Place Through Experiance

β€œNot all learning takes place in the classroom. ” All knowledge should not obtain from class because subject only taught by a teacher. But some lessons, which are pertaining to life, only will demonstrate by personal experiences. Every person should be learning more from real life than class room. I think real life is the best example for learning and obtaining knowledge. This is supported by various reasons. Learning takes place not only in the classroom but also in our everyday lives.

This is because to learn does not mean just to gain academic knowledge. Rather, learning refers to acquisition of any kind of knowledge that can give us instructions on how we should behave. Information that we get in the classroom is, without any doubt, useful and proven and it can broaden our mind. However, school years are relatively short in terms of a life span, and, therefore, there are a lot more things that can be attained outside classroom and that are equally valuable. First of all, Personal experience is essential for obtaining indelible knowledge.

For instance, in an early age the teacher would teach about animals. Is it gives sufficient knowledge for children? No, it does not. When teachers will take them in to the zoo and explain about those animals, they never forget that information. This is one type of personal experience. Which knowledge have gotten by personal experience, it will be never loss. Second, the relationship among the people as well as friendship values is not taught by teachers in the classroom. Those relationships have known only by personal experience.

Further, the young age person do not realise about money value. The same person should know about money value while he starts earning of money. Finally, sometimes a new technology and new things were discovered by personal experience but not classroom knowledge. For instance, today’s popular phone was discovered by Alexander graham bell. It was discovered by accidently but not part of an educational research. Today, various popular technologies and things also discovered from their real life.

In conclusion, the illiterate persons also can maintain different business successfully using their personal life experience. Unfortunately, an erudite people also will fail in business because lake of experience. So I strongly believe that β€œNot all learning takes place in the classroom. ” Because, if we have only classroom knowledge; today, we do not have any TV, computers, and other technologies. We surely obtain more knowledge from personal life than classroom knowledge.

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