Real Rewards at Nestle

2 February 2017

It’s the real possibilities you have to learn and grow in your career and to contribute to the company’s success — from day one. And, it’s the real rewards you are offered for your contributions, as you reach your full potential as a member of the Nestle USA team. Nestle USA is committed to maintaining an inclusive environment where Real Possibilities Real People employees feel engaged, understood and accepted for their differences and unique perspectives. We respect all individuals inclusive of their race, color, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, disability and/or veteran status.

In addition, Nestle USA’s strong focus on social responsibility provides many opportunities for you to be involved in your local community. This brochure provides an overview of the Real Rewards at Nestle USA. For more information on these programs and benefits, you can log onto www. mynestletotalrewards. com through HR Connection or talk to your local HR Representative. “I came to Nestle 6 years ago and I came here really for the possibilities… but I stayed for the people I work with. ”

Real Rewards at Nestle Essay Example

At Nestle you’re given a lot of responsibility and with that comes an ability to make a big impact on the business. – Elizabell Marketing Manager, Nescafe – Phil Manager, Market Intelligence Nestle’s Investment In You 3 Compensation Compensation is a key part of Nestle USA’s Real Rewards package and helps to attract, motivate, and retain a workforce of top performers. Our philosophy is to provide and maintain disciplined compensation programs which value long-term relationships with employees while recognizing individual performance. Nestle USA is also committed to offering compensation packages, including base pay, short and long-term incentives and benefits, that are competitive in today’s market. Base Pay

Your base salary is the fixed portion of your pay. Base salaries are designed to be competitive, based on data specific to each position as measured in the marketplace. High performance over time is recognized by base pay that is higher than the market. Nestle USA’s Real Rewards Website provides a snapshot of all your compensation and benefit programs (www. mynestletotalrewards. com). Short-Term Incentives Short-term Incentive pay is designed to reward you for accomplishments during a specific performance period (typically annually). For most Staff and Division level positions, Nestle USA offers Awards for Performance

Excellence (APEX). APEX targets are set as a percentage of eligible earnings, and award payments are tied directly to Nestle USA’s performance toward the achievement of business objectives that are established annually Nestle USA also offers a variety of Sales and Plant Incentive Plans that are similar in design to APEX to reward employees in those roles for their contributions to Nestle USA’s success. Long-Term Incentives Long-term Incentive plans, such as Nestle USA’s LTIP, are designed to motivate and reward those in eligible leadership positions for the Company’s sustained success ver a longer period, often three years or more. LTIP target award opportunities are set to be competitive within the market and are calculated as a percentage of pay.

For more info about HealthWorks, log onto the My Health section of HR Connection. “Nestle treats employees with a level of respect and dignity that is the envy of our industry. ” – Bob Director of Human Resources Nestle USA’s life and AD&D insurance provide financial protection — in the form of a cash benefit — in the event you or your covered dependents suffer a serious accident or death. Nestle’s Investment In You 5 Retirement Whether retirement is a number of years away or just around the corner, planning and preparing for your financial future is something to be thinking about now.

To help prepare for retirement, Nestle USA offers two retirement plans, the Nestle 401(k) Savings Plan and the Nestle Pension Plan. 401(k) Savings Plan Pension Plan The Nestle 401(k) Savings Plan allows you to save on a tax-deferred basis through convenient payroll deductions. You can contribute from 1% to 25% of your eligible pay (certain IRS restrictions may apply). To help you save for retirement, Nestle USA will contribute $1. 00 for each $1. 00 you contribute up to 3% of your eligible pay, plus $0. 50 for each additional $1. 00 you contribute up to the next 2% of your eligible pay, for a maximum employer matching ontribution of 4% of your eligible pay.

In order to receive your full employer match, you need to contribute at least 5% of your pay. It’s “free money” that can make your account grow faster and help you reach your retirement goals sooner. You will become 100% vested in your employer matching contributions (meaning you gain full ownership of the money) after completing three years of service. The Nestle Pension Plan is designed to provide an additional benefit at retirement, and is fully paid for by Nestle USA (you do not make any contributions to the Plan). You automatically begin participating in the Plan nce you have met the eligibility requirements.

After you have been a participant in the Plan for three years, you become vested, which means you own your pension benefit. At retirement, you are able to elect how you wish to have your benefit paid, whether it be a lump sum or one of several annuity options. The Savings Plan offers investment options for every type of investor. You choose how to invest both your contributions and Nestle’s among many investment options that offer various levels of risk and return. To assist you in deciding how much to save and which funds to invest in, Financial

Engines® Personal Online Advisor service is available to all Savings Plan participants. Financial Engines is a leading provider of professional investment advice and best of all, it is available at no additional cost! The Nestle Pension Estimator tool allows you to model various scenarios providing insight into how the value of your plan can grow over time (www. mybenefitscenter. com/nestle). “Being employed here offers a sense of comfort, security and pride in that you’re part of a large, stable, solvent and ethical corporation. ” – Rick Senior Counsel

When you are ready to retire (or leave the Company for any reason), you can leave your money in the Savings Plan (certain restrictions may apply) or take it with you. To access your Savings Plan account, log on to the Nestle Smart$aving web site at http://nestle. ingplans. com. To access Financial Engines®, log on to the Nestle Smart$aving web site and select Investment Advice. 6 Nestle’s Real Rewards Learning and Development Nestle University Nestle USA is part of Nestle S. A. , Nestle USA’s strong commitment to training and professional development provides real possibilities for learning and growth.

For Nestle USA, training is more than just a transfer of knowledge and skills. It is fundamental to our culture of learning and development and to the fostering of our corporate principles and values. the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, with a 135-year history and Nestle USA provides world-class tools, resources and support to enable you to manage your own career path and reach your full potential. Nestle University offers over 30 courses in five key curriculum areas: Innovation, People, Execution, Functional Capabilities and Working at Nestle.

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