“Rear Window” Pure Cinema Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rear Window ( 1954 ) . is a film based on a short movie. A wheelchair bound lensman undercover agents on his neighbors from his flat window and becomes convinced one of them has committed slaying. The professional lensman L. B. “Jeff” Jeffries. played by James Stewart. interrupt his leg while acquiring an action shooting at an car race. L. B. had nil better to make so sit and watch. The film was filmed on one phase set. made up of several flat edifices and a centered courtyard.

Hitchcock wanted to demo the purest looks of a cinematic thought when registering this film. So he used a 3-shot design. First. they would demo L. B. looking out the window. so cut to a shooting across the courtyard. so back to L. B. to demo his reaction to what he had seen. One illustration of the shooting design was when you see L.

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B. staring out the window. so we see a reasonably immature lady. Miss Torso played by Georgine Darcy. dancing around her flat in a bathing suit top and trunkss. so the shooting goes back to L. B. . who is now smiling. The 3-shot design is used throughout the full film.

This 3-shot design can be compared to the seminal redaction experiments done by Russian film maker Lev Kuleshov because it was the same construction. For illustration. as noted in the interview with Hitchcock by Francois Truffaut. Hitchcock states that “Yet. in both instances. they used the same shooting of the histrion ; his face was precisely the same. ” This can be interpreted as. The same look can be used to demo the reaction to two wholly different state of affairss. There are many portion in the film. Rear Window. that may hold used this same technique.

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