Reason for my grades

1 January 2019

During my sophomore and junior year of high school my older sister, the sister I had always looked up to got addicted to drugs, got arrested with possession of drugs and narcotics, and turned my family life structure upside down. When I was a little kid my sister and I used to talk about how terrible it was that people could ever become addicted to drugs. I had never expected my straight-laced sister, and one of my best friends to do the same.

I came home daily to the sound of my parents fighting, amongst themselves, deciding on what to do with my sister. Screaming at each other till the next morning. They would fight and threaten divorce upon one another, as my sister continued to explore the potentials of drugs, the chaos in my house ensued.My younger sister,who suffers from depression and Asperbergs now had decided that life was to hard to live with the idea of her sister, and role model being addicted to drugs. Due to this, she would now threaten to commit suicide by overdosing on her pills to my mother, who was already unable to cope with my older sister. Fortunately she never committed suicide, however; there were times where my sister would actually take the pills and try to swallow them before either my mother or I would take them away. Additionally, my sister would now come home drugged out of her mind, with my parents expressing their disapproval to me the second child of the house, blaming me for her problems.

Reason for my grades Essay Example

The mother who had never believed in me, now had even less faith in my abilities, and was sure I would end up the same as my sister, because my sister had always been the best child in our family, the role model to all. She had decided that I was aiding in my sisters problems, and the cause of them.Due to this, I would be the one my mom let her anger out on. I had always looked up to my father; however my mom being the leader of my house, had also turned my father against me. He would now explain how I was the cause of my sister’s drug problems, and blame me for her usage. Explaining that it was my fault for some unknown reason. My parents coming from another culture had no problem physically enforcing these ideas upon me.

They made sure that I would not stray into the same drug filled path as she did, otherwise the outcome would be physical punishment. With my father always away on business trips, and me being left with my sister to try to take care of, I had a hard enough time trying to deal with school including being asked on a daily basis what the newest update on my crazy sister was, and then coming home to my mother being in an unfit mental state to take care of my brother. It was then upon me to make sure that my little brother got his work done. My mother, rarely mentally able to cope with brother’s high energy and need for constant help I was the one that had to make sure that he was always ready; I had to act as the father of the house, because his real father was instead always working. During this time my mother also started drinking more. This led to intense dinners where my sister would be drugged, while my mother would be drunk, the two arguing.This combination led to large-scale battles at the dinner table, where both my mother and sister would leave the table to fight elsewhere, leaving me to explain to my little brother that they weren’t actually fighting, just arguing.

My brother to young at the time to understand what was going on just believed that our family was the same as all others, I wish I could’ve done the same. My sister is now better, is not addicted to drugs, and she gets along well with my mother. However the repercussions of those two years still exist in my family.

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