Reasons For a Slow LAN

4 April 2015
In this essay the writer discusses the slowing down of communication between workstations and other computers on the LAN.

The following essay attempts to prove that networking hardware are incompatible and work at different speeds. The writer contends that these factors can also slow down the overall speed of the LAN. Random Access Memory hardware systems and Central Processing Unit hardware systems are made reference to.

From the paper:

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Reasons For a Slow LAN
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?On certain LAN configurations, such as the Bus and the Ring, an increase in the number of nodes, slows down the LAN. This is because Bus and Ring are designed in such a way that a data packet meant for a particular workstation, gets exclusive rights to the entire LAN cable. In other words, while a packet moves from its source to destination, no other packet is allowed on the network cable.?

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