Reasons People Stay in Abusive Relationship

1 January 2017

The definition of relationship is defined as a connection or a bond between 2 people or more. An abusive relationship occurs when one of them mistreat the other emotionally, physically, sexually or psychologically. One of the reasons that people stay in abusive relationships is the abused person still loves his/her partner even if he/she is abused. Most of women are loyal to their spouse. They don’t want to try finding love again for that they might fail . For example, an abused woman may think that she can’t find the same type of love her husband gave her from another man.

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Reasons People Stay in Abusive Relationship
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So she would rather stay in the abusive relationship than live with a person who doesn’t love her the way her husband did. Besides, they think they are too old to find a second love. Another reasons is abused people are economically dependent on their partner. They don’t have any working experience, so it’s hard to find a job. They have no income and they can’t survive in the world. For example, if a man/woman divorces their partner, they might find it difficult to find a job as they have no working experience or they might not have worked since their marriage.

So, they might face bankruptcy. Furthermore, they think it’s the right thing to do for the children. It is better to come from a complete home than from a broken one. Their children will lack love from one of the parents if their parents are divorced. For example, their friends teasing his/her because he/she ia from a single parent family and they will be stressed mentally. Lastly, people who stay in an abusive relationship have their own reasons. But they must remember that if they stay in an abusive relationship without taking any action, it may eventually lead to their death.

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