Reckless driving

7 July 2016

At some point in our lives we will cross paths with a reckless driver and when doing so we also become infuriated and lash out. At that point are we considered a reckless driver too or just a victim? In this era the amount of road accidents has significantly increased. Reckless driving is seen everyday and is ultimately the cause of road accidents. These drivers not only put their lives in danger they also put lives of every other innocent body in danger. So how can we prevent such things from reoccurring?

Well to answer that question we can become more knowledgeable about reckless driving. According to the article “ The 9 Most Dangerous Things Drivers Do”, the number one bad habit we do while driving is driving under the influence of alcohol. We all know that alcohol impairs our vision and ability to make sound decisions decreases so we should have a plan before consuming alcohol. During my research about ways to prevent drunk driving I found many loopholes around such irresponsible actions.

In another article about “Tips To Prevent Drinking And Driving” they mentioned choosing a designated driver, calling a taxi, hiding keys of someone who is drunk, and above all be responsible. Another big mistake while driving that we do is talking on our cell phones, or distracted driving. There are many other ways a driver can become distracted. For example, putting on makeup and eating are a couple but above all cell phone usage. We all love our cell phones because they are beneficial in that it’s easier to communicate with people and we have become addicted to our cell phone.

Due to the enlargement of technology, cell phone usage have been an increasing bad habit among drivers for years now and from the looks of it continue to increase. This increasing habit is so dangerous that law enforcement is issuing fines if caught using your cell phone. Provided by the article “ Car Accident Statistics”, there are more than 60 million car accidents taken place in the United States annually. With that being said about 40% of car accident fatalities occur to a drunk driver, 30%

of the car accidents known cause is driving above the speed limits, and 33% and above occur because of reckless driving that causes the car to off-road which then results in an accident. These statistics baffled me because there were taken from the United States, can you imagine worldwide! To conclude most dangerous driving habits occur because of overconfidence. One might feel that because they have been a licensed driver for years now that they know everything about driving and road safety.

This isn’t entirely true because over time we get lazier and our bodily functions start to slowly decrease which can result in car accidents and reckless driving. It will be advantageous every once in a while to brush up on your driving skills and reevaluate whether you are a safe driver. After all if you are driving you are licensed which means you have taken classes and have become knowledgeable about the do’s and don’ts of driving. Be responsible because in the end you are putting your life in danger.

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