Specifically, she followed up programs, and gave feedback to both the team and me. She presented very good performance and attitude through the whole internship. For example, I appreciated her differentiation of the demand between high-end and low-end companies, and also her innovation of creating a one- to-many audio communication way with customers. I witnessed her great efforts in making progress. At the beginning, she was not so familiar with the business, and the new environment was quite challenging for her because the marketing team was highly proficient and experienced.

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However, from the detailed daily reports he handed to me, I could see her efforts and progress in adapting to the quick pace of the environment and the challenging work. She would communicate with me or colleagues when she had questions, from which she was learning. I appreciated that she always asked questions in the right time without disturbing others and at the same time made convenience for herself. From my observation, when she knew more about the business, she put more initiative into the work.

For example, she proposed to add more functions to the ustomer management database, which improved the efficiency of customer information maintenance and tracking. She maintained customer files in order, and paid return visits to customers if needed. Then after she came back, she would make written reports to me. This process improved our relations with customers. When we discussed about a new project, I was delighted at her confident voice in proposing marketing strategies. For example, she made a diagram of banks, financial organizations, and other companies to contrast their different demands and made a very good report to the team.

This diagram clearly showed the current movement of the investment market. Our team liked and agreed to her idea. However, sometimes her ideas were not so feasible. When she realized it, she would go to some experienced colleagues to find out reasons and other solutions. From talking with my colleagues, I knew the team liked her intelligence and diligence very much. Si did very well in this aspect. As soon as Iwanted the latest information about the gold or customers, she would provide me with satisfactory answers. She was very considerate in daily operation and focused on details.

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My inquiries about SGE price ere always given accurate replies from her. Therefore, I thought she paid lots of attention to daily SGEprice and the service we provided for customers. I appreciated her attitude that she would prepare solutions in advance. For the customers’ acquaintance with the latest and first hand information, she would even translate foreign materials for them. I assigned some tasks for her, one of which was to improve customers’ understanding of the gold market. Therefore, she organized a series of salons for customers.

From the reports and her colleagues, I got to know the activities were uite successful with various topics, such as the market situation seminar, the basic training workshop, the usage training of system software, the capital management training, etc. After these activities, she built up good relations with customers and accumulated some experience which enabled her to make a classification report of potential customers. In this report, she divided them into three levels: A, B and C. The A level customers were those whom she would pay visits first. B was the less important and C referred to those that needed a certain attention.

Therefore, the evaluation I received from the customers about her was every high, especially the high-end customers. She would analyze the “Golden Triangle” of the gold, the USD, and the oil, the fund market making position and the influence of policies for the high-end customers. She also gave me an additional report expressing her focus on the growing potential high-end customers. These companies have long term cooperation with us. Although their initial investment capital was small, with the development of its company and our relation, it invested more and more into the

SGE, such as the YongJia Jewelry Company of Shanghai and Jiyuan Jewelry Company limited of Shanghai. She made a list of these kinds of companies and proposed to explore this new market. In the process of attracting and admitting new members, including self-supporting financial organization investors, we also enhanced the risk awareness of the members and investors and acquainted them with gold investment knowledge. As an assistant, she communicated with the members and made records according to their different situations.

Under the large background of property control and huge mount of credit, facing the inflation prospect, she proposed to convey value maintenance cognition to customers by using the gold. She would remind customers of potential risk. Furthermore, she cooperated with the whole team to improve the risk avoidance system. Talking about her innovation, I would like to mention the customer group Internet chatting. She used this one-to-many way to communicate with her customers. It was very convenient. I think Si Shen is an excellent person, and really believe she will make contribution to your university. I hope you can favorably consider her

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