4 April 2015
An essay on the Republican governments of the southern United States in the post-Civil War era.

This paper examines the social and political elements of the south after the Civil War. It efficiently covers the abolition of slavery, the emergence of the Ku Klux Klan and the social grouping of the population in the Republican governed South.

Table of Contents
The Retardation
Causes of a Near Failure – The Elections of 1876
Ending of Reconstruction

“The republican governments in the south radically attempted to deal with the problems left by the abolition of slavery and the Civil War in a constructive manner. The reconstruction of the Southern economy and society was led by:

” -The Northerners who settled in the South (also called carpetbaggers)
– The Southern whites of the Republican Party (also known as the scalawags), and
– The Freedmen”

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