Records by Foreigner

8 August 2019

Music that holds attention for over 30 years doesn’t always come with an entire album like the Foreigner’s Record from 1982. Great hits still commonly heard on commercials, in movies, and karaoke bars today such as “Feels like the First Time” or ” Juke Box Hero” can be found on this compilation of the best from the first four albums of Foreigner. Although it is missing what is considered one of the greatest hits of Foreigner “Blue Morning, Blue Day”, the album still effortlessly expresses the cummulative style of a band who takes inspiration from the heart of the 80’s. Like many of the bands of this time, Foreigner features a classic mixture of guitar solos, da-da-dum drum sounds, notable bass guitar lines, keyboards, and of course rustic vocals throughout the album. The use of these now classic sounds are different in every song. They accompany lyrics in a way that rises to a climax and slowly falls to a fade away sound. As diverse as the use of their style is, an unknowing listener may not appeal to the entire album. Much of the songs can arguably sound similar if not the same to someone who does not appreciate or pay much attention to their music. Musicians would easily be able to appreciate the sounds brought in each song from the keyboard dominant “Cold As Ice”, to rough town sound ” Long,Long Way from Home”. With a rough and yet laid back sound mixture that appeals to lyrics meant to reveal raw feelings, the album is relatable to any listener. Each song is about an extreme feeling that everyone has felt in some way. Whether it’s a song about love, lust, or fight, Records truly captures the feel of the band all in one short 40 minute album. For some, it sounds the same as any other oldies song album, and for others, it’s the album to bring back memories. Sounds connected to the timeless stories anyone could rock out to.

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