Recovery by Eminem

If Eminem’s latest album “Recovery” could be summed up by one word it would be main stream. Some of you may be saying, “Ok cool, mainstream means it must be good.” However, if you have been a follower of Eminem from his very first mix tapes, you probably have snapped his latest album in half by now.
Where is the jubilant and exciting Eminem that used to exist years ago? Eminem is widely known for his miraculous free styles and jump around, energetic albums of the late 19th century. Recovery, however, is turned into mainstream hip hop and although some songs are extremely catchy, the album just does not compare to his earlier ones. Instead of singing about himself and who he is like his earlier raps, Eminem focuses on other people, objects, and other things affecting his life. First time listeners will most likely fall in love with Recovery. Eminem veterans may even enjoy some of his new raps. But to me this is on mainstream road and is simply not the same Eminem that many of us remember.

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