Recovery by Eminem

7 July 2019


Review: Just over a year after the release of his 2009 album “Relapse” Eminem releases his “Recovery” Eminem features Rihanna, Pink and Lil Wayne on this record and the songs are a bit stripped down, not poking so much fun at Hollywood celebrities. I see two down-sides to this record: 1. There are 17 songs on this record, it is a bit extensive and at times can be boring and 2. It’s not the Eminem we know and love, poking fun at Hollywood, Wasington politicians, etc. I don’t really want to an hour-some long record with Eminem whining instead of ripping. In the end, I wouldn’t buy the entire album on iTunes or in a store, just buy the singles “Not Afraid” “Love the Way You Lie” “Won’t Back Down” “Talkin 2 Myself” “Cold Wind Blows” “No Love” and “25 to Life” (most of these songs feature a guest)

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