Recovery from Alcoholism

4 April 2015
Examines Alcoholics Anonymous, atheistic/humanistic approach, cognitive behavioral therapy, intervention and the role of the media.

This paper attempts to evaluate some current materials about the problem of alcohol abuse and to estimate how effective they are in educating and enlightening the public about this problem. This small selection represents merely a random sampling of the vast amount of information on this subject, which ranges from the committed to the skeptical, and from the intensely scientific to the frothy. An effort has been made to choose the more serious attempts to discuss this problem.
At this time any discussion of alcoholism needs to begin with a discussion of Alcoholics Anonymous, whose program, which has spread around the world since its founding in 1935, is unarguably the most effective approach yet found for dealing with the age-old scourge of alcoholism, about which even the ancient Greeks made jokes. However, to say that it is the most effective is …

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