Recruitment Selection

1 January 2017

Project proposal for Recruitment and Selection Topic: Qualitative study of recruitment and selection process of management trainees in SAIL, a Maharatna company. Motivation for choice: As SAIL is a Maharatna company with a huge workforce, recruitment and selection is a prime area of concern for the organization. Steel industry is a labour intensive industry and requires effective managers to achieve high labour productivity. R&S process of SAIL is carried out at national level once in a year.

Job person match as well as job organization match is important to the organization. To ensure person job fit, robust recruitment and selection system is needed. Objectives: * To study the recruitment process of SAIL, a Public Sector Unit. * Analysis of recruitment and selection tools being used * To find out why the tools are used and what alternatives are possible * Suggest improvements wherever possible * Try to measure the effectiveness of the whole process by conducting surveys.

Methodology: * Literature review to find out R&S processes and their applicability * Annual report analysis for take on Human Resource Planning * Analysis of recruitment process: Mode of communication, channels, frequency, application process, talent pool, job description, requirements, internal vs. external recruitment etc. * Selection process analysis: tiers of selection, criterion of selection, type of tests, validity of test etc. Legal issues, affirmative action’s. * Conditions of employment: remuneration, probation, facilities, fringe benefits work conditions, etc. * Qualitative analysis of lacunas in the process and suggestions for alternatives * Interviews of selected employees on job and personal aspiration fit. * Use of some quantitative tools (depending upon data availability) to assess effectiveness of the processes.

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