Red Album by Taylor Swift

10 October 2019

Over the course of the previous year I have avoided the pop genre of music completely. Mostly because I feel the genre has become corrupt. Personally, I feel that pop music has gone from thought provoking songs to plain noise.

It wasn’t until this month that I began to pay more attention to the good parts of this genre. My best friend, (who knows I hate pop music) raved about Taylor Swift’s latest album “Red” and begged me to listen to it. After weeks of her pleading with me, I unenthusiastically listened to the track.

Surprisingly enough I wasn’t appalled by the music, and truthfully enjoyed the songs. Most of the melodies were upbeat and very catchy, and I will admit to listening to the track multiple times.
I especially liked the song starlight, because of it’s throwback theme, and loved the way Taylor’s lyrics were poetry and had hidden meaning. All of the songs were well written, and I found myself singing the songs in my day to day life.

After listening to this album I decided to give more pop songs a chance because I truly loved this track. I have found a new appreciation for Taylor Swift, and highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics.

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