Red White And Blue Scare

1 January 2018

It is also important to note the time period in which he made his sentence; at o other point in American history’ (except maybe the present) was national security Of such high interest. Eric Alderman is famed for his gutsy approach to sociological and governmental criticism-?a trait that need be present In our overbearingly “safe” status quo. From the late sass’s to the early 1 ass’s there existed a dual polarity in the world.

I’m not talking about the north and south artic/Antarctic poles; I’m talking about the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, which we know today as Russia.These woo countries fought, seemingly without end, a political battle that required no shots to have its message heard-?whoever could display the most strength in the newly globalizes world would be the leader. What better way to display strength than massive amounts of long-ranged ballistic thermonuclear arms? Both the US and Russia thought so as well, but Eric Alderman objected to this for he thought it would spread wide spread panic-?which it did. This newly established sort of political war reigned terror over the peoples of both countries.In the United States, this was known as he “Red Scare”, earning its name from Russian’s red flag and the “evil” connotation that its communist government displayed to the numerous amounts of closely watching nations. Of course, as we both know, the easiest way to win the heard of a people plagued by fear is to offer them a sense of security. Who did this better than our very own senator Joseph McCarthy? McCarthy was a man of many morals (perhaps) but what his legacy is most prominent with is.

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.. Interesting. During the Red Scare, he took it upon himself to imprison every “communist” leader in the United States-?this is to say that McCarthy immediately imprisoned anyone who was believed to be spreading anti-American ideals without due process or a trial by a “jury of their peers”. Obviously this was illegal and a direct infringement of laws set forth in the Bill of Rights-? And Eric Alter man fought and public denounced McCarthy actions every step of the way. Sound familiar?Our news stations are plagued by the mass media’s representation of “criminals” who dispel secrets of illegal action undertaken by the United States Government. These people are commonly referred to as ‘Weightlessness” because they “blow the whistle”, pill the beans, and let the cat out of the bag on illegal programs, processes, and agencies within our government-?some prime examples being Edward Snowmen or Julian Ganges who founded a website devoted to the encouraged unearthing of unlawful actions not only of the United States’ government, but of all governments.

Instead, these people are feared-?and so are the agencies that they report. To people that are so scared of their government and all of its organizations (let’s take the NSA for example), should we not look up to these people? No! These people can be the heroes, the Lincoln, the Eric Alternate of an era that puts national security above personal freedom; and we should not be scared. As it has been said for centuries, the only thing to fear is fear itself.If Eric Alderman was avocation for a change in American surveillance policy in 1 960, we should have one by now! There is an apparent and universally recognized problem in this nation that can only be solved by the masses. Our nation might be “safe” from the perils of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction that we were supposed o find in Iraq, but who is here to save us from a government that causes genocide of individual freedom-?individual thought?The problem is not that We have an overabundant governmental surveillance, it’s that we have a population that is too apathetic to really do anything about this issue. Eric Alderman started a movement with his words in 1960 that would end the Red Scare; as a people of these same sovereign ideals, we should let ourselves be lead by leaders, such as Edward Snowmen, into ending the mass fear in this nation-?the Red, White, and Blue Scare.

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