1 January 2017

My trip to the museum was educational, eye opening and a greatly appreciated experience. Before I visited the museum, I developed a preconceived notion that our National Museum was old, smelly and had little artifacts of interest. However, this was caused by me listening to stories about it and not actually experiencing it for myself. When I finally did, I was more than grateful for this building that held so much heritage and history of our nation’s monuments. I walked through the building with awe and surprise and took pictures with my camera phone of nearly every artifact in the building.

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I was blown away by the paintings, murals, sculptures and crafts done by our local artistes. I never knew Trinidad and Tobago held such intensely talented individuals. I was even more intrigued by the room with preserved animals, slave days, Amerindian artifacts and last but not least, the blue throne. On the second floor of the building held one of the most majestic and striking object I had ever seen in my life; a throne that was built for Prince Kofi Nti of Ashantee, West Africa who visited Trinidad on July 1, 1881.

Prince Kofi Nti, arrived in Trinidad on July 1,1881, having become a ward of the British Government after a war against the Ashantees in 1872 and was given a job to lead the “Works Department”. This stood out to me the most because it represented a monumental royal aspect of my country and the only thrones I had ever seen before this were the fake ones Santa Claus sat on in the malls at Christmas time. It was a very exciting opportunity for me when I was allowed to sit on the throne. The cushion of the seat was soft and plush and the hand rests felt like clouds under my hands.

It is a tall, majestic chair fit for a king and I was allowed to sit on this royal monument. The beautifully handcrafted wood that the throne was made of had engraved symbols on it. In my opinion, this visit was life changing and exhilarating. After learning about so many things I never even thought existed; had wrongful ideas about and seeing a real throne for the first time in my life, I do believe that I left with a better idea of the importance of royalty and a more empathetic approach to understanding what the royal figures actually have to do in order to be where they are.

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