2 February 2017

And also there some difficulties and things which I have to correct for next time if I have to write this type of assignment. First I will write about positive things which I found helped me finishing this case study on time. Case study started on 17 th September, when I went ward for this I was clear of my objectives and goal to achieve. I got chance to select any patient I want from any where I choose, so I have chosen the patient from same ward I m working. Therefore I was very familiar with patients and their relatives, especially disease condition of the patients. I have chosen a patient whom I was caring since her admission.

But for the case study I needed more than just routine caring but patient. Thus very easily that patient has given verbal consent to make case study on her disease condition. I built good rapport with the patient which made it easily to communicate and give health education to her. Next things is I got so much support from ward incharge, as I couldn’t get any kind of leave, she arranged my duties all morning shift as I wanted and allocated me only for that cubicles where my case study patient was. I’m really thankful for her doing that. In ward other nurses also tried to make those 5 days duties easily for me and helped a lot in my work.Similarly my lecturer helped me a lot during the case study, she came to ward when I was doing case studying explained objectives and gave time to clear doubts.

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She watched closely during the course and advised to finish when there was time. She advised lot of time to plan and organize the time. However there were some difficulties like doing duty and part time studying is hard. I can’t give as much time I give for studies. During this case study period, in some weeks I got only one off mostly that will be on Sunday, and sometime called for duty because of lack of nurses. I tried my best to finish before, so that I can give for feedback.But duties were too hectic and too tiring, some days I was unable to touch the assignment.

Unavailability of books from library after reserving that book for long time most difficult situation I faced. Similarly inaccessibility for hinari and ebsco full text researches was also a problem I faced. Lot of my time I spend on searching for articles, researches and journal for literature review. Likewise because of unable to manage time, ACLS classes and exam took lot of time which I could have given to case study. Unfortunately, I m not very good at managing my time, I believe this was biggest problem.So for future improvement I must learn how to manage my time. There were so many other interruptions during the case study time.

Although there was a lot of work in preparing this assignment, improvements always can be made. If again I got chance to write this type this of assignment, I will start writing case study same day I start caring the patient. This time i started writing case after finishing five days of clinical. I thought I can write this with in few days. But know I realized that if I would want best out this assignment I would have given enough time for this, prepared more, and organized.

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