Reflection on Field Visit

5 May 2017

This report will outline my field visit at RSL aged care center. I was required to observe the nurses performing their roles, communication and safety practice in a professional working environment. While comparing the reality with my expectation, I have to reflect on what I felt, what had been my experience, and what I have to learn more. I am also required to be aware of any unsafe practice that might happen in that field and suggest a solution for it.

In my imagination, RSL could have been a hospital with many nurses, doctors and odern equipment. The patients could have been very old, weak and immobile. However, what I observed was surprising. It was not only a green space, but a landscape of hills, caves, trees, flowers, and ocean view. Few nurses wore uniform except some who were doing their cleaning Job. Some aged people who looked independent were doing exercise or swimming. Some immobile old men and women were listening to the music and singing.

I saw an Indian lady who was feeding an old man in the dining room, I thought they must have been daughter and father because hey were so close to each other, but later I was told that they were not, they were nurse and patient. Until that mean time I understood the definition of holistic caring process which was described as the care of the total human being (the interconnectedness of the body, mind, emotion, spirit, social/cultural, relationship, context and environment) (Mariano, 2007).

In order to carry it out, firstly, I have to improve my English and body language as they are not impressive enough now, and his can be done by further self-training and practice. Secondly, I am concerned about other critical skills which were said as prioritizing patient care and managing a case load (Carlisle et al. , 1999) because the work load I perceived was very huge, and the best way is to take every opportunity of practice in my practical class HLSC 110 to get used to the Job as much as possible and Join a workshop of time management.

Regarding safety practice, the only thing that I could figure out was the glass doors, I hink they were so large and clear that the aged might hit them easily, some highlight labels may be necessary. The fact that I could not find more risks made me worried. I came from Vietnam which has low development in medical services, my awareness of safety is far different from that of my Australian classmates. Things seemed to be fine and high standard to me, but not to my friends. I have to find some researches in risk assessment tools to support my knowledge.

In conclusion, I think the visit was very helpful. It really makes sense about what roles the nurses have to perform and what care means. It also helps me to recognize my lack of the Job so that I can clarify my objectives of learning.

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