Reflection Paper on Technology in the Classroom

1 January 2017

As I reflect on the revamping and upgrading of the technology department within the classrooms of the Kelsey Unified School District, I can see that many improvements have to be made. The purpose of the technology upgrade is to incorporate technology into the classroom. Within time technology within the classroom will help to raise or improve the students’ test scores at each grade level throughout the entire school district.

The teachers will benefit from the upgraded technology department because it will help the teachers to adapt to the students’ different learning styles because technology is a teaching tool. The students will benefit from the use of technology in the classroom because it is a learning tool. Technology in the classroom will help to increase the students’ interest in learning. There are many different types of technology that can be used in the classroom: •Smart Boards are used instead of the white boards or chalk boards.

They can be used to teach interactive lessons in almost all of the major subjects, including math, spelling, language arts, etc. The technology equipment would be networked throughout the each school. •Desktop computers are used by the teachers in the classroom to prepare or create lessons for the students or documents for the parents. The students will the desktop computers to complete their daily activities as a part of technology in the classroom. •Laptops are used by the teachers when they need to complete work at home.

Teachers do not have a great deal of spare time at school to get certain things done so they may need to work at home more frequently. Students may need to take laptops home in order to get their assignments done if they do not have access to a computer at their own homes. •IPads or other types of tablets are used in some classrooms because they are portable. IPads make it very easy for the students to follow along and get their activities done quicker.

The students can use the iPads while sitting at their desks. Incorporating that technology in the classroom and daily lesson plans can be a challenge for many teachers, as they must choose the most efficient means of delivering a lesson and the assignments that reinforce it while staying on target with imposed standards. However, many teachers are finding that once they incorporate technology in the classroom, it benefits their students by engaging them in ways they are familiar with and enjoy, which ultimately makes their job easier” (wiseGEEK, 2012).

The principals will benefit from the upgraded technology department because the test scores will eventually improve which is a good thing for the schools and the school district. Higher test scores are very beneficial for all of the employees and school board members of the Kelsey Unified School District. The students and parents will benefit from the more advanced technology department because the students and parents will be exposed to many different types of technology that they may not have been exposed to without the upgrade in technology throughout the school district.

The schools are allotted a great deal of funds from the government when the test scores are far below average. The money is to be used in whatever way the principal desires in order to raise the test scores. The money can be used to purchase equipment, to hire additional staff or faculty members, to conduct training sessions for staff development, etc. as long as it is used for the purpose it was allotted, which is to raise test scores. Although the schools get more funds when the test scores are low, the teachers, principals, and other school district employees want the test scores to go up.

Education is about learning and showing what has been learned and that is why raising the test scores is important to everyone who is involved. Raising the test scores is not something that can happen overnight. The raising of test scores is an ongoing process that takes time because the students will be taught how to take a test rather than actual material to memorize.

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