Reflections over Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Essay Sample

In the article. the writer introduces us avering that the anthropologist is familiar with so many different behaviours that it is difficult to believe he can be shocked by some alien civilization. However. he specifies subsequently that the piece is merely about how far worlds can make sing their demeanours and rites. Along the article. Miner describes the wonts – I might merely name them obsessional – of a group located in North America. which focuses their day-to-day rites peculiarly in the attention and cleansing of the human organic structure ( which. harmonizing to their political orientation. tends to disease and bonyness ) . From the 4th paragraph. the reader begins to surmise that the article is non enlightening. but a strong societal review alternatively – narrated as lampoon – about the ‘superficial. based-onappearance’ North American civilization. He builds metaphors. analogies and images founded on everything that involves hygienic rites of the American: from teeth brushing. to plastic surgery for decorative grounds. It is possible to do the relationship between the article and the first chapter based chiefly on the definition of frock. Harmonizing to the writers of the book. frock involves. in add-on to vesture and accoutrements. all those knowing alterations made to the human organic structure ; but it besides addresses civilization and its nonsubjective and subjective elements.

Obviously. the ceremonials and cults that Miner describes throughout the reading are portion of the subjective elements – i. e. intangibles – of American civilization. In the first chapter of the book we are introduced to scientific theories about how dress affects and derives from interpersonal relationships. I might venture to state that American people – although non entirely – base their physical visual aspect criterions in symbolic interaction theory. Much of what we see in the mirror merely before go forthing our places is the wake of the responses and ratings received from 3rd parties. Furthermore. much of the sense of ego develops from societal interactions and. as a affair of fact. North America gives a great trade of importance to personal hygiene because it merely may be the most of import thing sing first feelings. In add-on to this. portion of cultural instruction focuses on the self-image we want to project to the audience. even though it is undeniable that this is merely a erudite behaviour. Although I am non American. I believe this societal review can use every bit good to the society in which I

Cultural Positions of Dress Dr. Melinda K. Adams

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belong. Since I’ve ever lived in the northern portion of Mexico. while the cultural values differ. societal behaviour and much of the life style are similar to those in southern USA. I must squeal it was a spot unusual reading about psychopathology Sessionss. as I think it is a reasonably common pattern in our civilization. Even though the ordinary becomes normal in clip. seeing it from the point of position of the writer is slightly dismaying. It seems to me that his efforts are traveling directly to the fact that we neglect our mental wellness in such a manner. as we focus wholly in our wellness and physical visual aspect. that in our desperation the lone thing to make is go forth it to an expert. I think the construct that pervades the reading. and that practically forces the reader to reflect on his behaviour. is “dissatisfaction” .

I don’t believe there’s anything incorrect with hygiene ; quite the contrary. as a affair of fact I consider it a really of import portion of our societal interactions ( but so once more. this is a erudite cultural impression ) . “It is difficult to understand how they have managed to be so long under the loads which they have imposed upon themselves” . provinces Miner in the penultimate paragraph. Indeed. I think to myself. I guess we’re now so used to this life style that we merely carry on with our lives. non taking even a minute to believe if this is true to ourselves or if it’s merely imposed by societal force per unit area. However. what Miner references about the ‘pervasive aversion’ we have towards our ain organic structures is a affair of deep contemplation. and possibly we should inquire ourselves whether this civilization of visual aspect makes us a better society.

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