Reflective account of personal values and principles

6 June 2016

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of their own beliefs, culture and values which are vital in health care settings. Being in a different country with diverse cultural and religious beliefs, I personally believe in the existence of God and Jesus as our saviour. Therefore, as much as possible I follow and put into practice the teachings and wisdom that are thought to me. According to Gandhi, your beliefs make who you are and the actions, words, thoughts and habits become your values and direct you to your destiny. Moreover, when I first came to studying and working in this country I learnt from my working place that there are other people who do not have religion and do not recognize the presence of God. At first I was very astounded but I did not argue about it. Instead, I respected and understood what they believed in.

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Religious belief in my homeland is generally strong. There are some people who categorize others and judge them according to their fail. For example, if you are a Muslim, you will be often times be branded as a terrorist or a radical. It might be difficult to find a job and be accepted in a group and sometimes people changed their religion just to be accepted. Honestly, when I was young, judging others faith and practices was my basis in terms of choosing friends. Working in Malaysia for four years, a multicultural society and with a dominant Islam religion, my views and perspectives change gradually.

Knowing other views and opinion should not affect the care that client receives. Carers have to treat them equally and respect what they believe. The impact of knowing others beliefs allows me to become more open-minded and enables me to understand their client’s physical, mental and social needs. There are controversies that each individual encounters in their lives such as sexuality, religious beliefs and principles in life. However, in spite of difference of culture, beliefs and experiences of the client, as carer I have the obligation to provide appropriate care that is person-centred approach. One of the legislations that influence my service to my client is the Human Right Act 1998 (Article 9), Right of Thought, Conscience and Religion is explained as: “You are free to hold a broad range of views, beliefs and thoughts, as well as religious faith. Limitations are permitted only in specified circumstances.” (1998). This legislation gives significant impression that public has the fundamental rights and freedom to be valued and understood.

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