Reflective Account on Communication

1 January 2017

Communication is very important in order to express needs and emotions. There are two types of communication, verbal and non-verbal, both of which are important in understanding and supporting someone. This report is based on a 40 year old lady that finds verbal communication hard, due to shyness. She also has bipolar and cerbal-palsey. The communication barrier I have with AB is she is finding speaking to me other then yes, no and don’t know very hard. She is shy and timid.

AB does not engage in conversation easily. I believe that it is important to find way of communicate as it is the way we express needs and emotions. I chose to read her care plan and all records held at her property, written by other support workers and other professions working with AB. I did this so I would be aware what others have found to work or not and what is the type of communication AB chooses to use.

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This is also a good way of communicate between staff that work with AB and it will ensure consistency of care for her.

From reading this information I discovered that AB needs to build a relationship with a person before she is able to communication or make eye contact, these can take a long time when you are only present for short periods. I am working on building a good relationship with AB at present. I show an interest in her life, her family and other things that I have read see is interested in, or been doing. I always ask her if she knows what she would like to do each day. I will continue to read diary each visit.

I also discovered that the way that I approach her is very important, so I always approach AB with a very positive attitude and always reminding AB that I am there to support her. The barriers to communication between myself and AB is that she is able to verbally commute but is choosing not to speak to me, more than one word answers and speaks very quietly. I am trying to over come this barrier by stop doing what i am doing to make sure that I am giving AB my full attention, listening carefully and showing interest in her.

Most of the time AB is happy to make short answers to questions. If AB is then not happy to communicate with me, I remind AB that I am there to support her and will be here to talk to if she so chooses, as it is her choice. I also watch the type of body language that AB is using to help work out how she is feeling about the situation. AB does also have picture cards to help her to commute, but choose not to use them. I can check that she has understood what I have aid I by observing her reactions and short answers AB give. By always reminding and allowing AB to make her own choices and respecting her wishes to communicate with me or not I am working in a way to prevent discrimination. Reflecting on how I communicated with AB, I believe that I worked to the best of my knowledge at the time, but by doing some research I could find other ways of opening communication lines and I need to watch out more for body language signs, about the way AB is feeling.

Having notes from other people about what they have tried and how they have worked or not, helps me know what things that might help get the lines of communication open and what things to research. There are many people that are working with or have a relationship AB, that I could ask for support and advise like: speech and language therapies, family members, friends, GP, district nurse, other support works. These people have different understands of AB’s needs and knowledge of supporting individuals with communication barriers.

These people may have new ways of supporting and developing communication. It is important that any information that is shared is in AB best interest and with her knowledge. All information that is stored about AB is covered by the Data protection act 1998, which stated that it is to be kept secure. My company also have a policy in accords the government’s guideline, confidentially of personal information 1988.

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