Reflective Accounts Health and Social Care Diploma

12 December 2016

On this training course I have learnt about the health and safety risks of my work place. (Health and safety manager) taught me the difference between a hazard and a risk also the steps 1-5 on how to identify both then handle them. I learnt how to identify whether it’s a high or low risk and the actions that are required. In this training I got taught and showed how to appropriately use the accident and near miss forms.

I also learnt about fire risk and where and how to evacuate myself and service users at the sound of the fire alarm, also who to report to if anybody is left in the building. Safe guarding vulnerable adults. On this training course I learnt about all the safe guarding issues there could be in a care setting. One of the most important things I learnt about was the policies and laws that cover safe guarding such as *no secrets 2000(DOH guidance) *ISA(vetting and barring scheme) vulnerable groups act 2006 * Health and social care act 2008 * The domestic violence crime and victims act 2004 *Safe guarding adults policy * human rights act.

These polices are put in place to protect vulnerable adults, to promote independence and freedom also to ensure individuals safety and rights. These are also here to protect adults within their day to day lives whether this be at home, day centre or a work place. I also learnt the different types of abuse and what signs to look for. Within the course I saw a lot of investigations that were carried out to do with who was abused, referrals and the nature of the abuse.

The areas covered in these investigations were physical disability 70%, mental health 20%, Learning disability 97% and substance misuse 0. 3%. They also covered the types of abuse that have been going on physical 49%, emotional 31%, sexual 7%, neglect 35% and discriminatory 1% some of these were new to me such as financial 24% and institutional9% which were very interesting to learn about. Some signs of abuse are harder to recognise than others which I am going to explain.

Finical abuse signs may be buying things with the individual’s money which are not suitable to them, Never having new clothes or always wearing the same clothes that are damaged this also can cover neglect, The individual having the same lunch that consist of very little. Emotional abuse can be spotted by a individual having a dramatic attitude or behaviour change for example becoming violent or withdrawn from joining in activities they usually love, losing weight or seeking attention just to feel some emotion of somebody.

If a service user came to me with information or worries I must inform them that If I have any concerns about them I will have to report it to somebody higher that myself. Also ensure the individual is reassured this is for the best interest and to make sure they feel safe. My job role is to look for all the signs of any types of abuse which can be very hard as I only work in a day centre I have to be aware of the individual full lifestyle. Any signs I did notice I would have to report to my line manager so they could take it further in the correct manor that’s needed this may then involve a social worker and other authorities.

Access supervision- either on a 1:1 basis or in a small group with my team leader who comes to the supervision prepared with a template supervision sheet already filled in beforehand with areas he feels I need help or training, any worries or goals areas I need to work on and things I have achieved to all of the above I then add my own input. This helps me to improve my performance at work; it also lets me know what my team leader thinks of how I am working and gives me goals for my next supervision to keep me on track.

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