Reflective Diary

4 April 2017

In this reflective diary view, I will introduce myself and then an introduction about my topic. I have done diploma in general nursing midwifery from India . After the study I acquired 3year of experience from a super speciality hospital in New Delhi. During the time of my career I came to know that having a degree in hand could give me a good future. So I joined in a collaborative degree programme (BSc (Hons) Nursing) with Inscol academy and John Moores University in Liverpool.

Through this assignment of enhancing academic development given me an opportunity to reflect my experience and problem analysis by Gibbs model of reflection. In addition I use the SWOB analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity and barrier) technique to discuss my capabilities. Everyone have their own strengths and weakness, I also have some weakness and strengths. Reflection is a strategy for learning from experience, which requires active, conscious engagement of the learners.

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Margerate. M . Plock (2008).

It means examination and exploration of an issue of concern to help create or clarify meaning. Reflection helps move thought from an existing situation and connect initial understanding with deeper understanding. (Perry. 2000). Gibbs model has six steps to discuss situation-description, feelings, valuation, analysis, conclusion and action plan . I will use these six steps to aid my reflection. Description Steps: In this description I am using Gibbs model of reflection, now I am in the part of a collaborative programme for BSc (hons).

The study is entirely different from before I experienced. The main different is it is an independent study by using books, journal, article, internet, researches and tutorials and the assessment depend on presentations, writing materials and by seen and unseen examinations. The ultimate object of this study is one should have very good IT skills because all the study is carried out through the computers. Unfortunately I was very poor to use the computers, in making files, slides and saving files, and unfamiliar in searching articles, but I have an eager to get success.

As the part of my study I take it as a challenge. Feeling Steps: Gibbs second steps discuss about the thoughts and feeling faced at that moment. I understood that situation was very hard for me to overcome. As the part of my study the main challenges I faced in searching articles from blackboard that only can do through the computer. Blackboard is the library of Liverpool John Moores University, the almost all articles should be taken from there. The searching of articles and savings of searched items were very difficult to me.

On the first attempt I make sure that it was very tough for me and achieving my goal is only a dream. On the other hand, I am very shy to ask my simple doubts to my friends because of my poor knowledge and that situation I thought to give up my studies in the earlier stage. But my rethought showed me the facts that the advanced world technologies go through the computers, even children also have the very good basic knowledge and skill in advanced technologies.

On going through the stressful days I took it as an opportunity for learning and get success, That was an unforgettable and hard working days for me. Evaluation Step: The situation reflection mainly taken place through the third step of Gibbs model of reflection so, it is very important. In this I evaluate the good and bad experiences about the situation. Firstly, I fully dedicated my thoughts for the place where I am back in using IT skills and pick it. Teachers are very helpful and approachable so I put my problems in front of them.

They are ready to clarify my simple doubts and helped me a lot. As the part my input I did a lot of hard works in classroom and home. Through my hard work increases my confidence for attentending my classes and handling computers. I have learned a lot of new things through the daily practice and it helped me to enhance my knowledge in my field. I have picked up the knowledge where I am back, mainly in searching blackboards articles and do searching in medical and nursing site.

It also helped me in improving my study levels and makes me more confident and easier. Here I am assessing my first stage and that position it is understood that I was improved a lot with the help of teachers and through the hard work. Now I am able to handle the studies that needs IT skill. However, I am not perfect in IT skill, some of the area that needed for my studies that only I achieved. The advanced IT technology developed day by day and it give the long way to be catch up. Analysis Steps:

Through the fourth step of Gibbs model encourages the reflector to make sense of situation by analysing steps. In modern world the advanced technologies are increased day by day and the lives are dependent on computer. In the education field as well as in professional field the use computers are necessary for communicating, storing data’s and for each and every thing. Analysing me showed that I am good in keeping interpersonal relationship but in others it may varied some of them have good IT skills and others have good communication skill.

Everyone have their own limitations also so they have the responsibilities to overcome the limitations by analysing capabilities. The circumstances might be a cause for happening it, as early as possible it should be identified and try to overcome the limitations. Conclusion Steps: In the fifth step of Gibbs model I will describe my conclusion of the event. I was very poor in the IT skill in the first time and I got the awareness of the need of IT skill in my studies, so I did a lot of hard work for improving my IT skill.

Now I am able to perform my studies using computers and help to update my knowledge. I got help from teachers and friends whenever I needed. The more practices in computer helped me to enhance the knowledge. Action Plan Steps: Action plan step is the last step of Gibbs model of reflection. I would like to continue my IT skill practices throughout my career. If any barriers occur in my life against IT skill, n I am able to handle situation because the first event used to make the second event more efficient.

If I do the hard work then only I can achieve goal. SWOB Analysis: SWOB analysis helps everyone to get the overall view about our self. Through this step analyses the strength, weakness, opportunities and barriers. Conclusion: Let it concluded that the collaborative programme is really helpful for developing my IT skill through the Gibbs model of reflection. Through the reflective study I got chance to describe my feelings and analysing my strength and weakness. Gibbs reflective method developed my IT skill as well as enhances the knowledge level also.

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