Reflective Essay Pride

1 January 2017

My first essay is about negative affects of peer pressure on teenagers.. There are certain things i go on about in my essay i wish i could have said better, or more things i would have like to compared towards peer pressure. For example, in my essay i would bring up a lot of thing about peer pressure leading into sex half of the stuff i said makes me fell like it could have been pharsed better. Personally i fell there could have been more evidence to back up my stance for sex during peer pressure. Also,i felt i could have blame more issues then drugs and alcohol.

One thing i can notice about my second essay is that the ad i had chosen for my report was something that had interest me. Software for people who like to play games and i always considered myself and “avid” gamer so i chose that specific ad sense i’m a gamer. Reading over my essay i wish there could have been a little bit more information i could add like the prices in the ad for the merchandise the company was selling other than that simple thing i’m pretty much satisfied with the essay like i said there are some aspects that could have been better but overall pretty good.

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Going over everything i did and some i attempted to do there are thing that i could have done to make my portfolio better. I wish i had done my othello essay and pride and prejudice essay it would have made a big difference in the quality of my writing portfolio. I’m just hoping that my portfolio is good enough because i think there’s a pretty good amount of effort that when’t into overall quality of the portfolio. One last thing i would improve on is turning in my essay on time so my teacher can grade it and not have to deal with me everday.

Class Reflection 5. The most important thing i learned not just in english 12 but life as well is to push yourself harder and put a lot of effort into thing. 6. Just trying to deliver my work on time and put effort into my work when i do attempt to do it. 7. Just doing my essays i would say classwork i don’t think i had a problem with. 8. Turning in my essays thats the only thing i feel i lacked on. 9. Nothing really your setting use up for life you have to push use hard. 10. I hope you take it easy Ms. Lundeburg maybe i’ll come and visit after graduation.

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