Reflective journal

6 June 2016

What are your goals for this course?
My goals for this course are to brush up on my understanding of proper writing and grammar. As well as to improve my skills as a writer so that going forward in life I will be able to properly express myself in all future endeavors.

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How do you expect to use writing in your university career, and in your professional and personal life? university career: I am currently enrolled to receive a Bachelors Degree in Business with a Health Services Administration focus and once I graduate I plan on enrolling again and attaining a Masters Degree in Health Services Administration.

So I will be doing a large amount of student writing for at least the next few years of my life so that I can achieve my ultimate goal of earning a Masters Degree. professional life: I plan on having a career in the Healthcare field working for a hospital, clinic, or insurance company. I will have to do plenty of writing such as filling out professional forms, writing reports, and also organizing information in a clear and concise manner.

My ability to properly write will greatly impact my future career. personal life: I use writing daily in my personal life. I am a single mother of 2 and I often have paperwork to complete for their schools. I also assist them with homework. I write a personal blog from time to time just to clear my mind. I also text back and forth with my friends and family multiple times a day. I’ve been an avid writer since I was a child because I find it very relaxing.

How do you set goals for writing an academic paper?:
Generally I research the topic of the paper then I make a diagram to list all the topics I need to cover after that I begin writing a rough draft to organize my thoughts. Once I have everything written out in the proper manner I go back and proofread to check for any errors. It is easier for me to do it in steps than it is to just write a paper without any research, organization, or proofreading. I want my writing to look professional and intelligent not sloppy and thrown together.

What are your biggest challenges when writing for others (e.g., instructors, supervisors, future employers, etc.) to evaluate? The biggest challenges I face when writing for others to evaluate are clearly expressing myself without writing a large amount. I tend to ramble and sometimes my sentences run together. I also use vocabulary that I understand but in the past it has been expressed to me to “use more common and smaller words” and that not everyone has the same level of understanding as I do which has given me a bit of a complex about the way in which I write.

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