Reform in 19th Cent Britain & Russia

4 April 2015
Major political, economic & social reforms from 1815 to 1880.

The years from 1815 to 1880 were the Age of Reform in many parts of Europe. But, there were significant differences in the reforms that were achieved, and in the effects they had, in different parts of the continent. A comparison of five political developments from this period in England and five in Russia demonstrates how different circumstances made reforms possible, but, also produced different results. While the developments in industrialized Britain eventually resulted in a democratic state, reforms in Russia were thwarted by the autocratic power of the Tsars, who refused to ever yield completely to the desire for reform and were, eventually, overthrown by revolution.
The five political developments in Britain that produced the most significant changes include both reactions to the demand for reform, and the reforms themselves. They are: the amendment of..

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