Reformation in England

4 April 2015
Examines 16th Century rise of Protestantism, Anglicanism & Calvinism. Looks at the background, English vs. Roman Church and the role of the kings.

The Reformation in England
This paper will briefly discuss the Protestant Reformation in England in the Sixteenth Century. The first part of the paper will examine the background to the Reformation by looking at the Church in England prior to the Reformation. The second part of the paper will discuss how the conflict between King Henry VIII and Rome arose and the role of Spain in precipitating a crisis. The third part of the paper will look at how Henry effected the break with Rome and why he chose to make the break political rather than theological. The fourth part of the paper will discuss how the reformation took on a more radical nature after Henry’s death, how his daughter Mary attempted to return England to Rome, and how Elizabeth I established a more moderate course. The last part of the paper will briefly look at the other major Protestant movement..

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