9 September 2019

Reggae is a thing or a song’s that Africans Americans sang way back then like in the 90’s or so. They made Reggae so that they could tell story of their life to other people or sibling.
Bob Marley is an example of a famous Reggae singer
Bob Marley was known as the “Buffalo soldier”. This was one of his songs he made. His songs were known mostly all over the world, starting to start in Jamaica and ending up in America. In America most people despised Bob Marley’s hit songs. But other people liked his songs and thought it was very soothing. Bob Marley was famous back then. Which Americans decided to design towels, blankets, and other furniture with his face on it? But one day all that furniture went to waist because now a day’s people like rap and techno, just because the former Reggae artist died from infection from football. But that former Reggae artist had sons. And those sons lived up to their fathers dreams and continued on with Reggae song that their father taught them.

Another famous Reggae artist is known as J-Boog. J-Boog is a present time Reggae artist, singing more songs that he writes from time to time. One of his famous hit song he wrote was known as “Ganja Farmer.” Now that song was his hit song because he told a story of how a ganja farmer lives his life and during the life of the farmer in the story lived. He lived to be a legend .By helping patients get the medication they needed. And by killing anyone who dares trying to destroy any part of his land. And the story also talks about how hard he puts his work into planting plants.

R&B is what people decided to mix jazz and a little bit of rock together. They decided to mix it up because jazz and rock were getting old . I guess?
Chris Ramos Wong is known as a starter R&B mixed Reggae artist. He’s known as the starter because he just wrote a song called “The Break up Song.” And in that song he talks about how he tries to talk to a girl that they need to move on and get some time alone or something like that. He wrote that song because he wants to show how it feels to be thinking of his relationship going on with him and somebody.

And that is it.

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