Reincarnation and Resurrection

10 October 2016

The soul/atman leaves the physical body and enters a new one. This idea supports that the mind and body are two distinct separate things. There is a biblical example of resurrection – that of Jesus and since millions of people believe the story it is more likely to be true than reincarnation which is certainly harder to understand. However, there are examples of people remembering events from a previous life which they would in no way be able to understand without it being true.

Reincarnation may be an easier concept to grasp than resurrection as it allows people to account for their sins rather than spending an eternity in hell, which seems more merciful and so would most likely be a preferred after life than resurrection. Reincarnation is also perceived as more physical which is an easier concept to grasp as we are physical beings. Out of body experiences are also perhaps more likely to be proof of reincarnation over resurrection as it could signify the spirit leaving the body and perhaps going to the next one. Resurrection is unlikely in these cases as it offers no explanation for these experiences.

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