Reintroduction of the Wolf into the Southwest U.S.

4 April 2015
An analysis of America’s policy of reintroducing wolves into the Southwest United States.

The writer of this paper outlines a background to wolves in general and to their presence in the U.S.A. in particular. The paper raises the argument of those for and against the reintroduction of the wolf into the wild. It discusses the issues of their part in the natural eco system as well as their wildness and man’s fear thereof.
“Wolves (Canis Lupis) have always sat on the threshold of man’s life, from the earliest times man and wolf came together and soon the wolf was domesticated into the dog, however there has always been the wolf, that strong noble creature that runs in packs and is the legend of nightmares for farmers, hunters and travelers alike. Yet despite the bad press wolves have had since man became civilized and stopped feeding the wolves his scraps, they have continually been present within our lives, sadly this presence has been diminished.”

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