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2 February 2017

In the present educational system, studies based on the achievement levels of elementary and secondary students revealed that the equality of education has deteriorated over the years. In a recent UNESCO statistics Barsaga (2000) noted that Filipinos are among the most schooled in the developing countries, yet in comparative international tests measuring academic achievement, the Philippines ranks among the lowest in the developing countries.

He furthers noticed that in the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievements (IEA) science study show that Filipino children scored appallingly low at two (2) standard deviations below the mean. In spite of governments’ support of basic education, past national achievement tests show low levels of content mastery (2000).Efforts have been taken up to improve the quality of education through improvement of curriculum programs, upgrading of academic standards for better instructional materials and physical facilities and through meaningful staff development (2000) Different strategies are designed to expand access to quality education in general and improve the quality of secondary education in particular. However, despite the efforts of the education authorities to improve the quality of education through the improvement of curriculum programs, the level of performance of the students continues to deteriorate especially the mathematics education (2000).In exploration, we find new techniques, new knowledge, even develop new substances, gadgets, equipment, processes or procedures, imagination and skill is employed by the researcher. The commodities, new devices, services, in technology are needs of man for a better fuller life which is the concern of the research. These useful arts are the products of the technological environment and the end-user is society in general.

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The excerpt was stated by Josefina Estolas in the book Fundamentals of Research (1995).Science and technology are essential for national development and progress. The State shall give priority to research and development, invention, and their utilization, and to science and technology education according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Article XIV, Section 10). Since computer power was the critical resource, efficiency of processing became the main goal. Emphasis was placed on automating existing process such as purchasing or paying, often within single department as indicated by Jeffrey A.Hofer on Modern System Analysis and Design (1996). A major purpose of a database system is to provide users with an abstract view of data.

That is the system hides certain details of how the data are stored and maintained as stated by Abraham Silberschatz, Database System Concepts (1999). A database is an organized collection of facts and information. An organizations database can contain facts and information on customers, employees, inventory, competitors, sales information and much more.Most Managers and executive believe a database is one of the most valuable and important parts of a computer-based Information System in accordance with Ralph M. Stair’s Fundamentals of Information System (2001). http://www. studymode.

com/subjects/k-12-program-page1. html The Department of Education issued the implementation of the Universal Kindergarten Education starting School Year 2011-2012. The program has created a useful basic education system that will help our young to be ready, productive and responsible individuals with the necessary competencies and skills for both lifelong learning and employment.It will facilitate the learners to prepare physically, socially, emotionally and mentally particularly the five year old children for formal schooling making it free and compulsory in entering and availing the program. The learner will basically adjust to its new setting of education although most of our neighboring countries doing this kind of educational principles. All they have to do is to embrace it and make it a positive overview to every learner. The family itself has a great impact in achieving this goal of our government.

Provide adequate support for our children in activity and even to their dreams in pursuing a career.

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