Related Literature for Inventory System

10 October 2016

Orientation of the students and student teachers and get the final list of official student 2nd day/ Saturday Dec. 1, 2012 * 1st checking the attendance of the students and separate them from (3 – 5),(6 – 8),(9 – 15) 3-5 goes to Carina, Mae and Malabunga 6-8 take in charged by Judith and Canaria while 9-15 handle by Battalier, Quientela and Berdin. 3nd day/ Saturday Dec. 8, 2012 * Teaching the students 4nd day/ Saturday Dec. 15, 2012 * Teaching the students 5nd day/ Saturday Dec. 22, 2012 * Teaching the students 6nd day/ Saturday Dec. 29, 2012 No classes because CWTS and LTS students went to Provincial Jail. 7nd day/ Saturday January 05, 2013 * (Delayed of Christmas Party) Christmas Party of the students was medyo delayed for some reasons. We prepared games, gift and some foods to share. 8nd day/ Saturday January 12, 2013 * Continue of teaching the students 9nd day/ Saturday January 19, 2013 * Teaching the students 10th day/ Saturday January 26, 2013 * Teaching 11th day/ Saturday February 2, 2013.

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Related Literature for Inventory System
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