Relationship Between Mother and Daughter

“A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary.” (Dorothy Fisher). The thought of not a mother around all the time is unbearable. My mother is kind, caring, strong, and independent and I would be thrilled to grow up to be everything she is. If I had to choose the most influential person out of all the amazing people I have gotten to know, I would pick my mother with no doubt. For reasons like my family she has kept strong through everything all the way to loving me no matter what, my mother had demonstrated that she is a real woman and I would be more than happy to be just like her later on in my life.

Every day, I see her small things she does to either cheer me up, or make me feel loved. My mother works hard to keep us all on our feet. This is difficult for any mother, and she handles it very well. Another thing that my mom handles well would be that my dad has to commute to New York every week and he doesn’t return until Friday. I can see the toll that this takes on my mother, but she chooses to hind her hurt to make sure that we are okay. Missing my father is something that I have lived with since I could remember. My mother will make me feel better about my dad being gone for long periods of time. She drops all her problems to tend to mine, which is why she is such an amazing person. This situation demonstrates how strong my mother really is. I can either look toward her for support or to remind me that my obstacles can be solved by myself to make me a stronger individual in the long run. This quality can be very important to be the person who I look forward to being. An independent person, just like my mother is. She depends on herself to make it through life and nobody else. We never know what could happen and it is safe to know how to support yourself.

Many people influence me throughout my life so far, and it is important to learn from each person. But my strong, smart, independent, and caring mother is the person who makes the most difference in my life. The impact that she has on me is indescribable because every day she teaches me something new that is important. This question is not brought up to students much anymore and I believe that we should talk more about the figures in someone’s life. Even though my mother might not notice but I watch her every move to see her expressions on things and actions on other things. Certain things that she might do with catch my eye and I will notice it even more later on. In todays’ society every person needs a figure to look up to, for them to be guided throughout our everyday lives. And that is why I decided to choose my mother for the person who I think is the most influential to me.

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