Relationship between parents and children

7 July 2016

The most important for society which is becoming a very common problem in homes is where teens live “free teen ” issues. Having autonomy means being able to do what you think you should do for themselves. Are autonomous if we establish a relationship between our actions and the effects they produce. Many people, both young parents confuse liberty with license. Freedom is doing what you want but responsibly, taking into account and assuming the consequences that could bring such acts, and debauchery is debauchery, is unlimited freedom, a freedom he handled irresponsibly.

“The own freedom ends where the freedom of others invade”. I mean parents because many of them believe that teenagers are the bosses in the house but the reality is that many young people do not have the maturity to cope with such responsibilities. The dialogue is essential to the growth stage (pre-adolescence and adolescence) in which he clarifies doubts, anxieties, among others element.

Relationship between parents and children Essay Example

When they mature, the preteen is usually more responsible, more demanding of himself, better planned activities and is sensitive to corrections and cannot get to endure injustice. Freedom leads to a degree of maturity in adolescence but not completely achieved, reaches sexual maturity but not psychological, a child is considered to 11 years as a child and teenager called children of 12-14 years because they were no longer children but are not considered adults.

Maturity is reached when self-sufficient, having lived different stages, when they understand the meaning of life, when acting in a manner as expressed Accompanying parents or a responsible adult in preadolescence and adolescence stage is essential for young people, since education they (adolescents) receive will be reflected in the behavior, attitudes, and decisions and how they see the life of each person to form. A good education is the foundation for young people to be outstanding in all aspects of life and not become rebels without a cause.

In the French film ” Friends” directed by Oliver Nakache and Eric Toledano it can be seen that the brother of one of the protagonists (Omar Sky) is a rebellious teenage boy who lacks affection and authority by his mother and father and this led him to find a way to fill the void that this created in him by the vice of buying and selling drugs, became a kleptomaniac so that in this way the feel in one way or another ” self “. This film shows that without the company of a young adult can take any direction, the same direction that they see fit is right even though this is

not. For this reason it is important at this stage parents do their role, should have a balance between trust and authority, that the child has the confidence to tell things but not leaving the paper. We should not give absolute freedom because they are going to want to be self-sufficient soon, but not deny it? Freedom could be on merit, for example, if the child is taking good notes, why not give him a permit to do accompaniment, meet your friends, but not involved in their friendships.

With good parenting principles that provide the child choose their friends know. To know how to handle freedom, it is necessary for parents, from small teach children values such as responsibility, respect and instilling strong principles that in various situations that arise in life, never lose their goal and always keep in mind where they came from. Freedom is a privilege that must be earned based on the confidence of those who provide it, parents must believe in their children, so they will feel comfortable, have a good relationship.

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