Relationship Between Religion and Art

4 April 2015
A analysis of different religions and their influence on art.

This paper examines what is the existing connection between religion and art. The author provides an overview of Zen, Buddhism, Daoism and Taoism. Then, he describes what type of art emerged from these religions.
“But, of course, in our multi-cultural society, it is not only Christianity that makes its way into business practices. This paper explores the connections between the religious system of Zen Buddhism and the practice of pottery, examining the intimate and intricate ways in which systems of thought have become married to systems of action. This idea is based on the fact that an acquaintance, which was raised as a Methodist, married a Buddhist man (raised in Japan) and decided to begin practicing Buddhism. She found that her job as a sixth-grade teacher, while rewarding in many ways, became increasingly out of tune with her new religious beliefs and so she quit and opened a pottery studio. She now teaches pottery and sells her own work, a business that she believes has brought her a deeper understanding of the essence of Buddhist practice and belied (Nakashima, personal communication).”
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