Relationship-Driven Leaders Focus on People, Not Power

6 June 2017

My article talks about the behavioral theories, as the author discussed the new stream in leadership orientation. To be more specific, he believed that as the industry is now facing globalization and rapid change, leaders must adapt this changing landscape or risk losing high-potential employees. Younger employees prefer relationship-driven leaders and a sense of community. So in other words, they value relationships and leaders who respect their ideas and consult them on decisions.

Bobbie (2010) took an example of a general counsel who successfully led a group for years before hiring a vice president to help manage a growing workload. Because this leader spent his career in the traditional model, he found it difficult to delegate work to the new vice president. The issue was not about power, but an Inability to let go and trust the new vice president to complete the work well. If the general counsel had formed a stronger personal connection with the vice president nd built trust based on that relationship, he could have empowered the vice president Instead of constraining her performance.

Relationship-Driven Leaders Focus on People, Not Power Essay Example

Relationship-driven leaders are more empathetic, patient and tolerant. They approach decision-making subjectively, using personal values as a guide and examining how each option will impact others. Yet, while they are adept at listening and forging personal connections, they can sometimes appear too concerned about what others think or too weak to make tough decision. While leaders cant change their innate personalities, they can change their behavior.

Adopting these best practice behaviors will enable leaders to be more effective in an increasingly diverse workplace 1. Open yourself to different viewpoints. 2. Balance empathy with strong decision-making. 3. Collaborate on issues management. 4. Champion employee development. 5. Don’t mistake silence for agreement. By adopting a relationship-driven approach, leaders can earn the trust and confidence of an increasingly diverse workforce and improve long-term retention.

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