Release Some Tension

7 July 2019

If smooth, bass-filled R&B is what turns you on, then this is the CD for you! SWV’s (Sisters With Voices) new CD, “Release Some Tension,” combines the trio’s relaxing soul music with the hip-hop funk of the rap industry’s best performers. There are only 12 tracks, but all are great. This is not one of those CDs you buy that only has one or two songs that you like. Instead, “Release Some Tension” is one you can listen to over and over. Its songs fit perfectly to every emotion you have could possibly feel. “When U Cry” is the sweetest song I have ever heard. It has the sultry, mellow flow of SWV’s music that is not only a great tune to listen to, but it also has a message of deep love and compassion. I’m sure it will quickly become your favorite, too. Another great hit is “Someone,” featuring Bad Boy Entertainment’s Sean “Puffy” Combs (a. k. a. Puff Daddy). The track has tight bass and awesome rhymes! Talented rappers Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Caesar, Foxy Brown, and Snoop Dogg (just to name a few) are also featured. A”Release Some Tension” is by far my favorite CD. I would strongly recommend buying it no matter what your musical preferences are. SWV have truly outdone themselves this time! They have this album packed with all the phat jams that I am sure you will love! .

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