Religion in the Andes by Sabine Mccormak

4 April 2015
Critical review of work on pro-Christian prejudices of Europeans in denigrating native Peruvian religions in New World.

Sabine MacCormak, in Religion in the Andes, seeks to correct the historical record with respect to the European interpretation of the religion of the people in the new World. She wants to show that the Europeans suffered under profound prejudices favoring Christianity and denigrating the worth of the religion of the people of early colonial Peru.

With respect to the historical record of the religion of the people of that time and region, the author wants to show that what we know of that religion comes to us primarily from the European Christians who saw the Andean religious beliefs and practices as not worthy of the term religious. Clearly, in order to morally justify their Christianization of the Andeans, the Europeans first had to believe—or at least pretend to believe—that the religion of the Andeans was inferior to…

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